Our Process

  • Discovery


    Our penetrating process helps uncover hidden intention and create objectives.

  • Plan


    Our strategists use these goals and objectives to create a roadmap for the project.

  • Design


    Initial wireframes and visual comps are provided for alignment on treatment.

  • Sprint


    We iterate quickly, in the agile fashion, allowing the system to develop organically. The short sprints keep the codebase lean, with full test coverage.

  • Deploy


    We handle all the tactical steps of moving your application to production and making it live.


Fusionbox uses an iterative approach to all of our work. Working agilely allows us to switch gears, add functionality, and change requirements as your software is being created and released to the world. We continue the iterations after launch to refine and adapt to changing customer expectations and needs.


We work collaboratively. That means we're direct with our clients and we expect the same from them. The product is always better if both parties speak openly and honestly about concerns and bring all ideas to the table. Projects profit from the experience of both parties. Our process helps us to crystallize functionality, usability, and performance improvements.


All our team members are encouraged to treat the project as if it were their own. We want the entire team to be familiar with all aspects of the project, from the UX to the development itself. We also make sure that every single person who touches the project is intimate with your goals and objectives. This means that every team member is working toward improving the tool in each stage of the process. We give our developers use cases or user stories and give them leeway and creativity in how to architect the application in the most stable, flexible and extensible manner.